What We Do




Our inspiration to start this foundation began when our family experienced first hand the lack of organs available when our son Dillon desperately needed a liver and a match was not available. As Dillon waited on the national transplant list for a liver that would eventually never come, our family came face to face with social isolation and financial hardship as we took  turns living in and out of hospitals and caring for our son.  Although Dillon’s journey is over, other families are still in theirs.

We believe that with more awareness of organ donation, we can help people have a second chance at life and while waiting for a transplant, give them and their family hope! With the help of sponsors, private donations and the community, we can help take care of families going through this mental, physical and emotional tolling situation by providing personalized aid to help overwhelmed and financially strained families.



Our Mission

Dillon DiLivers Love's mission is to create public awareness on the importance of organ donation. We actively provide personalized aid and support to transplant waiting list patients and their financially strained families through education, contribution and community involvement.  

At the end of even the darkest night,
the day will break and the sun will shine again.
Keep going.
— Kate Spencer

Make a donation to help others or make a donation in honor of someone you love! To make a donation in honor of a loved one,  Please include their name and their story and we will honor them in our tribute section and on our Facebook page.

All proceeds from your donation will benefit Dillon DiLivers Love.  Dillon DiLivers Love is a recognized  501(c)(3), not-for-profit status with tax ID #47-2298638 . 

For more information, inqure; Info@DiLiver.org.